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Since as a child I saw the Daily Mail headline: “Passengers hit by cancelled trains”, I have had a closet desire to be a sub-editor. Now at last as the publisher of my own blog I have that privilege so I hope you like this post title…

Back to business. The title of this blog is “Creating successful projects” and that is about both technical and commercial success. The Google text-ad model which looked unassailable last year now is facing many threats including mobile and the possible creation of a genuine market for ads which is discussed here:

At current growth rates, Opera will soon overtake Google as the owner of the largest transaction farm on the web. It is the Opera mobile web cache. Google currently handles 85 billion transactions a month. From 2008 to 2009 Opera grew from 21 billion to 36.9 billion. It is growing faster than Google, and at some point in the not-too-distant future, on current trends, Opera will overtake it.

via Shhh… Opera holds the web’s most valuable secret • The Register.

This article discusses how could inject ads into the content stream in a “non-evil” way.