James BayleyI am a project management consultant based in London, England. My consultancy firm ElephantPM provides a range of project management services but specialises in project start-up and training in FogBugz and Kiln. You can follow me on Twitter at @ElephantPM. If you would like a chat please contact me.

I am writing a book on project management for small teams which presents a simple methodology that promotes success. This blog will present some of my thoughts about project management and software development in general and I really value any comments readers may have.

Comments remain the property of the person who wrote them. They will be moderated the first time you post but appear directly thereafter.  As a service to all readers (and to spare your blushes) I may make minor changes to spelling and grammar if necessary. So let it all out!


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi James!

    This is Inaki Izaola, from the Bitnami team. We loved the articles you wrote about Bitnami and we’d like to send you a Bitnami t-shirt! Please contact me at inaki at bitnami dot com to let me know your size and address 🙂


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