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This looks like a really interesting event. I will certainly be going.

Enterprises are beginning to find that they just can’t do without Cloud Computing. Most technologies are moving off-premise to the cloud and bundled into a service. In fact everything is a service nowadays –

1. BaaS—Backup as a Service

2. CaaS—Communications as a Service

3. Daas—Desktop as a Service

4. DaaS—Database as a Service

5. HaaS—Hardware as a Service

6. IaaS—Identity as a Service

7. IaaS—Infrastructure as a Service

8. PaaS—Platform as a Service

9. SaaS—Software as a Service

10. SaaS—Storage as a Service

via London Silicon Roundabout September Meetup – Cloud Base – London Silicon Roundabout (London, England) – Meetup.