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Our Android application Keyapt SMS is coming along nicely. Chris is tweaking the session management and I am doing the marketing plan.

Keyapt SMS has three parts: the Android Application, the Web Client and the Keyapt Server in the middle that connects the PC to the mobile.

The Web Client is a rich interface application (RIA) and is really much more like an application than website but it does have some content that we would like to appear in search engines.

We have written it using the Smartclient AJAX library which is about the thickest JavaScript library you can get. The user downloads the whole application with its many screens when they first connect to Keyapt.com and after that the URL never changes as they move from screen to screen.

We naturally want to appear in the Google index and that is a bit tricky for pure JavaScript applications. Google does offer advice on how to build indexable AJAX sites but that is too much work for our first release.

Instead we are simply adding

content. The googlebot will read this and hopefully we will appear in the index. We have also added a meta tag with a description of the site.If you want to see how it works visit https://keyapt.com in a few days time (after I have done the next release) and turn JavaScript off. You should see something like

Welcome to the noscript version of Keyapt.com

You are seeing this screen because do not have JavaScript enabled in your web browser. To use this website please turn JavaScript on (opens in new window) and reload this page.

About Keyapt

Keyapt enables you to control your Android mobile phone from your web browser. The first Keyapt application is Keyapt SMS.

Keyapt SMS – Type on your PC, send from your phone

Keyapt SMS enables you to view your contacts and type your SMS messages on your PC and then send the message from your phone.

Texting has never been so easy. Simply tap Keyapt SMS on your Android mobile and go to keyapt.com. View your contacts, type your text message and send. With our privacy guarantee it is fast, easy and secure.

I have also added a meta description tag to http://www.keyapt.com which redirects to https://keyapt.com.

<meta name=”description” content=”Keyapt SMS enables to you type an SMS text message on your PC and send it from your Android mobile phone”/>