I have just found out that Snagit printer can be of great benefit to project managers.

As a project manager document control is a big part of what I do. Final versions of documents are always PDFs.

One common problem is combining information from different Microsoft Office applications. Although pasting from Excel to Word has got easier over the years it can still go horribly wrong. Often the simplest solution is to use Snagit to screen-capture part of the Excel document and paste it into Word. Later the Word document is saved as PDF.

This solution also works for Microsoft Project but there is a problem; the printed reports from Microsoft project are far better than the on-screen reports. Until now I have printed these to PDF and then had to combine PDF documents to produce my final document.

I have now discovered Snagit printer. This captures the output of the print job as a high-resolution image in Snagit Editor. This image can be tweaked and pasted into Microsoft Word. This is a far better workflow.

  1. Create reports and graphics in various tools
  2. Use Snagit screen capture and Snagit printer to capture images
  3. paste images into the Microsoft Word document which has the explanatory text
  4. Save the Microsoft Word document as PDF
  5. Combine related PDF documents in a PDF portfolio

The last step is to use a PDF portfolio to combine related documents. This is great when you need to version a set of documents. For example, a Business Case and Project Plan. The documents remain separate within the portfolio wrapper.