Something new today, a post by a guest blogger John Harris on how the internet has changed the spread of information. Away you go, John,

In the past couple of decades, the Internet has transformed from a classic message board to a tool that is used to instantly communicate with loved ones, release new products and share information and news in a heartbeat. With the invention and progression of the Internet, people from all across the globe are able to stay in contact with one another with computers and even mobile devices. There are many ways the Internet has changed the spread of information helping to advance society and humanity altogether.

Instant Alerts

Today, those who are connected to the Internet via their computers and mobile phones are capable of receiving instant updates from family members, friends, news websites and even business partners without having to log in to their email after work to check in. Instant alerts are often sent via social media websites and with the use of RSS feeds, which can be accessed from your email as well as from mobile applications you may have installed.

It is also possible to subscribe to specific keyword alerts that appear in the news, giving you the ability to hear first whenever there is anything happening near you or even globally, regardless of where you are located.

Social Media

Using social media has changed the way the Internet spreads information within the past decade. Social media is a way to instantly connect with associates, co-workers, family members and friends from any device that supports having an Internet connection. Social media influences specific demographics and allows users to share world and global news as well as local news without being required to own a television set or to subscribe to cable. With the use of social media it is possible to keep all of your contacts informed of any updates including weather, traffic accidents, new laws being passed and even big events that may be happening locally or nationally at any time. Social media is free to use and has connected billions of users all over the world in a short amount of time. Without social media, Internet users would still be limited to sending emails and forwarding information at a significantly slower rate.

Freedom of Speech

Because of the freedom of speech we are privy to in the West, spreading information on the Internet is not restricted as it is in some countries around the world. Sharing news on political views, religious opinions and even new advances in medical research and technology is all possible with the use of social media tools, communities and even with instant messaging.


A major factor in the advance of spreading information with the use of the Internet comes from bloggers themselves. Running a blog is a way to express opinions and to share information and facts on any subject you are interested in with a specific audience or simply with your loved ones and friends from around the world. Blogs can be hosted freely by any individual or a small business looking to gain exposure and more popularity online. Bloggers are often considered independent journalists who discover new trends, advances in technology and specific subjects and who also enjoy sharing and spreading news with their own online followers. Using a blog is an ideal way to spread information on the Internet regardless of what you have to say.

This article was written by John Harris. John specializes in blogging about social media, home vs mobile internet and new technology.