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I needed to share an Excel document so I investigated Microsoft OneDrive.  Microsoft is late to the file syncing party Dropbox and Google Docs having got well ahead.

I’ve used Dropbox a lot, because it just works; it is really effective and painless way of sharing files quickly. This is their core business and they are really good at it.

Google Docs is different because although it has sync functionality its core value has always been collaborative editing of documents online. Microsoft was very late to this arena, perhaps facing the innovator’s dilemma of cannibalising their own very successful office suite. However Microsoft have got a fully functional collaborative document editing suite called Office Apps which are nicely integrated into their OneDrive product.

I simply opened a free online account with Microsoft, uploaded my Excel document, shared a link and now my Collaborators can all edit the document simultaneously.

Why is it better than Google Docs? Because it is Excel – doh!

I have only used OneDrive for a few minutes so if you have any experiences you would like to share or comments on the comparison with Google Docs please comment below.