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I needed to include video shot on my mobile phone in a PowerPoint presentation. A problem with video is that the user needs to have the correct codecs installed before they can play the video. In my case Windows 7 does not come with audio codecs for the 3gp format used by my phone. Although I could play the video and sound on my PC after installing the K-Lite Codec Pack 1 this would not aid anyone playing my PowerPoint on their PC.

To solve this I converted the videos to the Windows native format “wmv” using the excellent ZamZar service. This free service offers hundreds of different conversions free of charge for low volume users. I could then include the .wmv files in the presentation and be confident that the recipient will be able to play them.

— update —

I quickly ran into ZamZar’s 100 MB limit for free files. I downloaded Freemake Free Video Converter and installed it (use Custom install to avoid nasties like AVG and a “better” search tool). This is an excellent program, it is simple to use, and allows trimming videos and changing the resolution and format. The presets are very useful.