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There are two clients that can be used to manage the MySQL server on Bitnami AWS servers.

  • phpMyAdmin
    • This is a php application web application that has been pre-installed by Bitnami
  • MySQL Workbench.
    • A rich client that runs on your desktop and connects over a socket

The approach is both cases is similar you need to tunnel a port using Putty. This was discussed in an earlier post.


phpMyAdmin is only available on the server at,

therefore you must use Putty to create a tunnel from your desktop to the server. I choose to tunnel the local port 11888 through to localhost:80. After tunnelling it is possible to browse on the desktop to

MySQL Workbench

The server firewall ensures that MySQL is not accessible externally therefore it is necessary to tunnel to the port it is listening on 3306. I have chosen to route 11306 local to 3306 on the server.

To run MySQL Workbench you first start Putty to create the tunnel and then start MySQL Workbench and connect to the server.