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I have a friend and colleague who has just completed one year in a new role. He is a middle manager in a dynamic international firm.

I think that the first year in job is very important, most businesses have an annual cycle and it is only after a whole year that you can begin to understand it well. To get the most out of your experience it is important to take some time to think.

You might want to review the strategic themes of your first year. In particular think how your team has developed over the last year since you came? How have you changed it and in what is ways is it more fit for purpose than it was previously?

After the team is correct your performance will be dominated by your processes.

  • Do you have good delegation of work to different team members and do they support each each other?
  • What are your quality controls?
  • How much work do you have to do personally?
  • How can you reduce it?

Finally you should consider your own visibility within the firm. As a middle manager it is essential that you network in all directions. You must be on great terms with your peers in other departments and visible to the bosses who will decide on your eventual promotion.