I have just seen the “Business Plan” round of the The Apprentice 2014 (Guardian review). I have always hated this round because unlike the other task based rounds it has little relationship with the reality of  business as I know it.

Everyone knows that the a start-up business plan is a fallacy and even before Eric Reis published The Lean Start-up we knew the system was broken. Business plans are for banks and only founders, friends and fools invest in start-ups.

This round always strikes me as abusive with its fat bankers and property dealers shouting at young people. I doubt that Alan Sugar had a business plan when he started selling dodgy electronics to the masses. If he did have one it was “buy low and sell high” and there is nothing wrong with that.

The older Sir Alan made the most boring risk-adverse choice possible. Just invest in competent young man working in a mature sector with known numbers and work him hard.

The Apprentice is good TV because it shows that there is no mystery to ordinary business. It should go lean and actually show how a start-up works.