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At the moment (June 2015) Microsoft has three sync engines in the market, two are a bit rubbish and they plan to have a single one by Christmas. The good one is the consumer version of OneDrive that can be downloaded and installed into Windows 7. This works brilliantly which in the case of sync engines means “as good as Dropbox”. The bad and ugly one is OneDrive for Business which works most of the time but is fragile. Here are my hints, Nepause syncingver copy large number of files (eg more than 100) into your OneDrive for Business folder with the sync engine running. It gets confused. Always “Pause syncing” and then “Resume syncing” after the copy is complete. If you are having issues then the menu may prompt you to “Repair” or resolve “Sync conflicts”. Fix sync conflicts if you can. “Repair” simply deletes all the local files and downloads them again from the server. This can take hours and many people report that it does not work for them. Microsoft do have a OneDrive for Business Sync Issues Troubleshooter. This has a “Fix it” that can check for and fix files with invalid file names. Many people report that sometimes nothing can fix their issues. A particular issue is that syncing never ends and says “1 file remaining”. In this case you may need to nuke the system and start again. To do this,

  1. Pause syncing
  2. Move all your files out of OneDrive for Business into safe local storage.
  3. Login to OneDrive for Business on the web and delete all your files
  4. You now have zero files on the PC and zero files in the cloud. Resume syncing and you should get the message “OneDrive – up to date”
  5. Pause syncing
  6. Move all your files from temporary storage back into OneDrive for Business
  7. Resume syncing
  8. Go away have a cup of tea and come back in a few hours and you should get “OneDrive – up to date”

This method take some time but is not particularly onerous. At step 4 you can optionally uninstall OneDrive for Business, reboot, and reinstall. This is more effort but guarantees that all caches are cleared.

–Update 2015-07-02–

I found that OneDrive for Business conflicted with Microsoft Security Essentials (MsMpEng) and the computer was locked at 100% CPU. After many hours trying to fix the problem I gave up and uninstalled Microsoft Security Essentials and replaced it with a minimum installation of Avast! Free. This seems to be working.