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I help run an underwater hockey club. To smooth administration I wanted to create an mobile application to record attendance and the payment of weekly subs.

My usual approach would be to create a WordPress application or perhaps a mobile app using Cordova to package an HTML and Javascript application. However I am trialling Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive and have Office 365 Mobile edition including Excel on my phone so I thought I would just create an Excel spreadsheet.

After a bit of iteration this worked really well. This is what it looks like on the phone. You can see that I have frozen the first column so that it is easy to swipe to the date column your require. I have used Data Validation to constrain the cells to the range of values shown. When you tap a cell you are therefore give a dropdown list.

The file is on OneDrive and easily shared with others in the club. Excel on mobile is free (I think). The other sheets in the workbook are used for members’ registration details and to work out profit and loss etc.

If you have a nice application of Office on mobile please tell me in the comments.