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PDF forms are a technology that is always used really badly. Used correctly there are several options

  • fill in online and submit your response electronically (just like an ordinary web form)
  • download, fill-in on a computer and then print and send
  • print, complete with a pen and send

It is really annoying when banks etc SECURE a PDF so that you cannot complete the form using a computer. This used to be called the “typewriter tool” but now appear in Adobe Acrobat and Reader under the “Fill and Sign” menu (palette).

It is really easy to bypass this security on Windows 10. Simply print the secured document to the Microsoft PDF printer and the resulting document will allow “Fill and Sign” in Adobe Acrobat. If you try this in Adobe Reader and it works please tell me.

I also use SnagIt so an alternative is to print to the SnagIt virtual printer and then save the result as a PDF. If necessary I could then use Adobe Acrobat to OCR the document and add the form fields again.