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My son has challenge me to an Ark Survival Evolved death match (this can only go one way) and although my Surface has 256 GB storage I don’t really want to use it up with large games such as the 40 GB Ark.

In an earlier post I discussed installing a Class 10 U1-3 Micro SD card for use as a D: drive. I have successfully installed Ark to this drive and it hosts the ark server and plays really well even on Wi-Fi.

The only problem I have is the weird behaviour of the Steam window in which Ark runs. This does not snap or maximise correctly. After several hours faffing about I found that

  • Launch with “Low Memory 4 GB”
  • Set screen resolution to 1280 x 768
  • Set windowing to “WindowedFullScreen”
  • Graphic quality to “Medium”

This gave me a frame rate of about 7 FPS and it looked nice. I will update this post with more details if I can get consistent behaviour or find better settings. Please make your suggestions in the comments below.

To back up the game I use GoodSync to copy the game files




These are only about 250 MB which is OK on C: and is then nicely backed up to the cloud and recorded in File History.