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Two years ago I placed a bet on what matters in IT and I said it was WordPress and Office 365. I think I won.

WordPress powers 25% of the web and the new REST API coming out later this year will drive that upwards. There is a good article that discusses this here.

Office 365 is advancing relentlessly. Microsoft’s goal is to make Office ubiquitous on every hardware platform and they are getting there. Outlook Mobile is now the most popular client for Gmail on the iPhone!

Most people don’t actually need their computer to do very much. The challenge is creating an effective information architecture. Microsoft is investing in creating a set of information management tools that work together seamlessly. They are making it look easy.

Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile matter because they are where the pedal meets the (bare) metal, they are still a bit rubbish but they fulfil their primary goal of letting users authenticate to the cloud and launch Office apps. Fixing the obvious UI flaws and bugs in them is simply a matter of time and money. With $40Bn in the bank Microsoft has both. Microsoft will reposition the Windows phone as “just another PC” and might actually sell quite a lot of them. There are many people who would happy swap the ability to play Temple Fun for the ability to plug into a dock and get a full desktop experience.

I think I won this bet. What is my prediction for the next two years?

2018 a will be the year of Linux on the desktop (just kidding)

  • 2018 will be the year of Android on the desktop

Android is a bit rubbish but it is cheap and ubiquitous with millions of apps and developers. Check-out Remix OS and see what you think. I would value your comments.