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If, dear reader, you have been following my advice on backups then you will,

  • be using OneDrive to sync your Documents to the cloud.
    • This gives you a real-time copy of everything in case you use your laptop and the ability to access documents from many devices.
  • be using File History with a big NAS on your home network
    • This works well for laptops because Windows 10 caches changes while you are out of the office.
  • be taking an occasional backup of your system using Veeam Endpoint Backup.
    • This gives you the ability to restore after a hard-drive failure.
  • making the occasional copy of all your user data to a device that can be disconnected from your network to protect it from Cryptolocker
    • I use Goodsync to FTP files to a folder on my NAS that is only accessible by FTP and then copy them using the NAS web interface to another folder that is not accessible via the network.

If you did not check your backups over the break then you may wish to do it this week.

Good luck in 2017.