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I am a huge fan of TechSmith SnagIt. I fell out of love with it a few months ago when it could not work properly with my high resolution monitors but everything seems to working well now.

I use SnagIt for documentation, user support and making short training videos. Its video capture function is very simple and it does not allow editing but it is good enough for simple use cases and it is £200 cheaper than its big brother Camtasia.

I have high resolution monitors and my preferred mouse point scheme is I find that “Windows Default Large”. Unfortunately the cursor is not very visible on screen recordings. Camtasia has many great features including the ability to highlight the cursor so your viewer can see what you are doing. A cheap and cheerful hack to get the same result using SnagIt is to use a red cursor. You can download a set from Bill Myers Online.

Bill shows you how to quickly change the cursor on your default scheme. Using his technique you can actually go a bit further and create a whole new scheme called “Windows Red”. Now when you are going to record a video you can simply change the scheme to “Windows Red” and when you have finished change it back to your preferred scheme.