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The first 10 years of my professional life were as a nuclear fusion physicist and I hoped to save the world by developing civilian nuclear fusion. I retain  a strong interest in the energy industry.

The Renewable Energy World  website gives a fascinating insight into a wide range of technologies. Today I read aboutblack start‘ which is the ability of a power generator to restart if there is no electricity available from the transmission grid.

“Black Start” is a great name for a disaster movie.


The opening shot is of a solar flare. We see the solar wind crossing the gap between the sun and earth and 8 mins later hitting the earth’s magnetic field. The aurora borealis flares and as the electromagnetic pulse hits the earth the national power grids go down and the lights from the cities start to go out.

Cut to hospitals with worried people looking at beeping machines. “We only have 4 hours of power, the babies will all die“.

Cue worried engineers (with beards) and one perky female scientist, briefing the President of the United States, “We can’t turn on the power grid because we have no power”. President looks confused, perky female scientist (not too pretty) says. “Imagine you had to jump start your SUV but no-one had a battery”. Everyone stares at her, the president smiles – he gets it.

We need a “Black Start”

A plucky band of ethnically diverse and woke millennials living off-grid in Texas are the only people with electric power. They spend 90 mins battling dramatic scenery, personal conflicts, cougars and rednecks with guns, to run an electric cable through gorges to restart the grid. (I need work overcoming big-oil in here somewhere – and saving dolphins? In Texas? – perhaps an aquarium on the route…)

Hollywood beckons but crypto comes first

Although I can foresee a great future for myself as screenwriter in Hollywood, I won’t be buying an air ticket yet. This is because first I have to launch my new ‘Yelp’ for crypto.


The site is already available and I will be adding more features next week. I hope that CRYPTOSTAR.MONEY will become the #1 place to discover rated crypto suppliers.

Thank you for your indulgence of my Saturday morning fantasy and I hope you find the links interesting because renewable power will make a massive contribution to mitigating the real disaster of climate change.