The biggest lie is not “I will love you forever”. It is Google saying that the best way to have get traffic is to have compelling content.

I admit that if I was a teenage girl I might see things differently but I am a 54 year old man launching a website.


Day 1: launch and submit my site map to Google’s search console. Nothing. No, traffic, no crawler, nothing, zip.

Check the web using Google (oh the irony). Yep. This is normal. Google will index your site when it feels like it. My new crypto directory CRYPTOSTAR.MONEY has over 7000 businesses listed but even after a month only about 1500 are in the index. I will have to wait for the Google Bot to come back.

I have now spoken to lots of marketeers and so far so normal.

Making Google Care

I am now learning the arcane mysteries of Search Engine Optimisation. Broadly speaking this is divided into two parts, “on-page” and “off-page”.

On Page Optimisation

On-page optimisation refers to how you structure your pages and what content they include.The simple rules are make sure you put keywords that describe the page in the title and first paragraph and make sure your HTML, CSS and javascript are all valid. If page takes 10s to load and looks rubbish on mobile Google won’t send you any traffic. This is pure techie stuff – just download the tools and checklists and

Off Page Optimisation

Off-page Optimisation is getting lots of people to link to you in editorial content. Google reasons that if lots of respectable people link to you then you must be a good site. I am a techie and this involves talking to people about no technical issues – every day is an opportunity to grow…

But crypto is difficult

The ICO boom gave an opportunity for top marketeers to capture the market. To sites are owned by a few connected individuals who have so much money they can channel most clicks where they want.

The solution

Social media marketing. Yes. Daddy’s going on instagram! Sick!

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