My daughter’s lap is 5 years old and started misbehaving. I advised her to “reset” it and do a clean install of all the applications that she uses.

After installing Microsoft Teams and then Microsoft Office the “Microsoft Teams Meeting” button was missing in the Outlook Desktop application.

On inspection of Outlook I found that the Microsoft Teams add-in was missing.


Create your Microsoft Teams meeting using the web application

What does not fix it

I tried several things that did not work

  • updating Outlook
  • changing the account used
  • reinstalling Office

The fix

To fix this issue it is necessary to copy the add-in from a working machine into the same location in the users %APPDATA% folder. You must then register the DLL and reboot. This is best explained by inviting you to watch this video.

How to fix missing Microsoft Teams Addin in Outlook by Stiffler2k4