My sport is Underwater Hockey and I help run Lewisham Underwater Hockey Club which is in Forest Hill Pools in South East London. I have just launched a new website for Lewisham Underwater Hockey Club and I am trying to improve its SEO by linking to it with various terms like underwater hockey and octopush. Feel free to follow the links because I suspect that will help me push it up the Google Index. At the very least you will learn a little about the sport and you may even be inspired to have-a-go.

The website has a nice design thanks to Jonathan Robson. The first feature I added was a mailing list sends news and weekly match reports to members. I have put a have-a-go booking form on the site which is capturing leads and adding prospects to the mailing list. The next step will be to enable members to pay their subscriptions through the site (we take cash on the door at the moment).

If you need similar functionality for your club – big or small (we are really small!) then get in contact.