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Last year I purchased some domain names referring to 3D printing and laser cutting services. 3D printers are big news and laser cutters are great tools so I thought there was an opportunity to build community sites that might have some revenue potential. As usual I did not have the time to progress these ideas.

My experiments with domain name purchase have been uniformly unsuccessful. I cunningly purchased numerous Olympic domains in 2004 only for them to pass a law that made it illegal to sell them. I am regularly shelling out £10 a year for domains I don’t use but I purchased for my next surefire project.

Over the years I have used several domain registrars, including monster.com which was absolutely awful. I now have my domains with 1&1 which offers reliable generic services at slightly above average prices.

The domain marketplace Sedo.com used to be pretty bad too but now seems to have a good website that actually works, so I have decided to “park” some of my domains with them. Sedo will put adverts on the homepage for the domain and give me a share of the vast revenue.

Sedo allows you to specify a keyword for the domain so that the adverts rendered are appropriate. I have now parked,

And also offered them for sale. I will post again in a few weeks with the result of this experiment.