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Last summer I went to Tenerife for a family holiday. This was a great decision; Tenerife is a fascinating and beautiful place to visit but I also hired a car from Hertz Tenerife. Never hire a car from Hertz Tenerife.

I had ordered a Ford Galaxy class vehicle expecting some degree of comfort. I was given a battered old Renault minibus which suffered a brake failure when going down this mountain.



Hertz Tenerife had given me an emergency number but when I phoned this nobody answered. After two hours trying to get through I called Hertz in the UK and a nice man in an Irish call centre finally got someone on Tenerife to call me.



Hertz replaced the vehicle later that day after we had spent many hours roasting in the African sun. To add insult to injury, the vehicle they supplied had an empty fuel tank and Hertz refused to reimburse me for my fuel. When I returned the car I joined a line of unhappy customers making complaints to rude and indifferent staff.

Back in the UK I made a formal complaint to Hertz Tenerife which they ignored totally. I then complained to MBNA the credit card company that I’d used to book the car with Hertz Tenerife. After this Hertz Tenerife responded; they denied failing in any way and refused to credit me for my hire and fuel. They also stonewalled MBNA.
This week MBNA refunded me my claim as a goodwill gesture.

In summary, don’t ever use Hertz Tenerife, if you want on-airport car hire there are plenty of  better options including Avis. Do use MBNA credit cards because they have treated me very well and I offer my thanks to Faye and her colleagues in the section 75 team.