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For 20 years I have owned the domain bayley.me.uk and run my email off it for myself and my family.  Contacts and Calendaring have always been separate applications. However now with smartphones we all want simple and integrated email, calendaring and contacts. The natural choice for me is Outlook.com, this starts from free but I purchase Office 365 Home Edition for my family for about £70 year including 5TB of cloud storage in OneDrive.

Outlook.com claims that you can use custom domains such as james@bayley.me.uk by using “connected accounts” and “aliases” but these don’t work well and they don’t work at all with Outlook 2016 desktop. Another concern is that bayley.me.uk is hosted with 1 and 1 and they have started charging me over £100 per year for their minimum service, I am not sure why.

In IT you should always buy what vendors want you to buy. It does not make sense to battle the borg.

  • Consumers must use the home 365 products
    • These don’t really support custom domains well, so use outlook.com addresses.
  • Businesses must use the commercial 365 products
    • These allow custom domains but handle ALL the email on a domain. Live with it.

I have created Outlook.com email addresses for all my family and use these as primary logins for Office 365 Home edition. I have set up forwards on all my old @bayley.me.uk addresses to the new ones.

Outlook.com should have sufficient availability and backup for most users but I enhance that by using Outlook 2016 Desktop to have a local copy and/or forwarding all emails to a corresponding (free) Gmail account.

By going with the flow in this way I minimise the cash cost, and more importantly the maintenance cost of supplying my family with email, calendaring and contact applications.