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Outlook.com is an good email and calendar service that is provided free of charge by Microsoft. It is not part of the Office 365 suite but does use Exchange as the back-end.

When I send an email using Outlook.com the recipient gets an email that says From: James Bayley <outlook-email-address@outlook.com>  where “James Bayley” is my Microsoft Account name.

Bug: When I change my Microsoft Account name, for example to “JM Bayley” I expect the From name to change within 24 hours.  Actually it does not change.

The reason for this issue is a client lock on the account.

The fix is to remove the email account from any desktops, laptops, mobile devices, iPad’s, email clients and apps and then sign into

and delete all the devices in the list.

You must then change the name again at https://profile.live.com – perhaps put a space in it eg. from “JM Bayley” to “J M Bayley” and log in and out of live.com 5 times.

After 24 hours the new name will have propagated from the Microsoft Account Server to the Outlook.com server.