Outlook Customer Manger

Outlook Customer Manager is a “free” CRM that is bundled with  Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium. It allows members of the organisation to share Contacts, Companies and Deals which are what other CRM such as ACT! or GoldMine (showing my age) would call Prospects, Accounts and Opportunities. If it works it might be a very nice solution for freelancers and micro-businesses. Although it is not very configurable it allows easy sharing and pulls together emails and meetings into one place.


I assigned Outlook Customer Manager to my user. After 24 hours Outlook Customer Manager becomes available in Outlook Desktop and Outlook Web Access


Outlook Desktop


Outlook Web Access

I added a few deals and everything was fine but after a few days Outlook Customer Manager was completely broken. Every screen just had a blue spinner and I could create or display deals.


  1. Update Windows
  2. Update Office
  3. Clear the Internet Explorer Cache
    1. Settings > Internet Options > General > Browsing History > …
    2. ie cache.png
  4. Reinstall Outlook Customer Manager
    1. (this cannot be done in Outlook Desktop 2016)
    2. Open Outlook Web Access
    3. Settings > Add ins >
      • reinstall Outlook Customer Manager
    4. Wait 24 to 48 hours


Cannot create a deal, Outlook Customer Manager is broken, will not render deal.